Ummet Ozcan Finally returns Down Under

Ummet Ozcan Finally returns Down Under in Australia this August.

Aug 2nd – Home Nightclub Sydney
Aug 3rd – Electric Playground Brisbane
Aug 9th – Billboards Melbourne
Aug 10th – Sky Garden Bali

Coming soon ‘The Cube’ on Spinnin Records

Check out exclusive interview he did recently with

Timewave Zero to Airport its been one hell of a ride for you, you sound has always been futuristic – how best describes it from you point of view???

Well, I always try to use unique and new sounds. Most of the time I design them myself, so I am pretty sure that no one else have the same sounds. Ofcourse I am influenced by others, but I like to be as original as much as I can.

IF you have to pick one of your releases , which one is your favourite to play at home and and also in the club??
I am particularly fond of Airport now.. I think it is a great tune.

The whole EDM scene is exploding in America right now, tell us a bit about your experiences state side in the past 18 months and what has been the best gig over that way to date?
Yes the US is a madhouse at the moment.. They have the energy that we’ve had in Europe 15 years ago when everything was new and exciting. One of the best US gigs so far was my boattrip gig in Miami during MWC.
They totally freaked out and because of the intimate setting I really felt a lot of positive energy!

You have just signed a exclusive deal with Dutch Power house label, Spinnin. WE would love to know a bit more about what the deal is exactly! Record Deal, Management, etc?
I have extended my recorddeal with Spinnin, because I feel they have the best possible platform for me to release my records. They will also support on social media and other media related things. They have a great team!

There is no doubt that your recent collab with W&W was a mega hit world wide! How does one like yourself work together with those guys in the studio? Does someone work on beats, another melody?? Do you guys use the one program or do different parts in different applications? 
We occasionaly work together in the studio, but most of the time we use wetransfer or skype to work on the production. W &W came up with the melody and I did the drop and additional chords, beats, and we have finished it together.

Is there another collab due with W&W? Any more collabs coming soon with anyone else besides Airport?
Wow, since the code I had a lot of requests for collabs.. So there are a view exciting ones coming up.. Just because it is fun to work together. But I surely will be focussed on my own productions as well. They are more important to me.

So how did the whole airport project come about?? DJ Ghosts original version back in the days of vinyl was legendary but your take on it is just out of this world!?
Haha, thanks. Well I absolutely love the original and it is a a great classic. It has so much energy and this amazing scraping melodyline. That inspired me to do a remix and I got Dj Ghost on board because he totally loved my interpretation of his record..

After airport can you tell us what the next release is?? WE hope a Ummet Ozcan Album is not far away, that will be one of the beatport chart takeover?
Well it is almost time for an album.. Maybe Ummet Ozcan greates hits.. , no just kidding.. We will see, I am not really focussed on an album right now.. First I will release a few new Ummet Ozcan tracks.. Some great fireworks is coming up!

Not all of us out there are aware but you are heavily involved in VST and Soundbank development.
Your next synth is already out? Whats the next soundbank due?

The Genesis pro is my new synth, but it takes a bit longer to release it then I’ve anticipated.. I need to split my time into music production, Dj-ing and programming.. That’s difficult at the moment, especially because of my full Dj Schedule.
But one way or the other.. It will be released and I will announce that in the near future and it will be mindblowing;)

After your recent success and stepping over to the more EDM sound from trance as its being called now, your diary must be exploding with bookings.
Can you share some of the exciting places and tours that you will be doing in the near future so your fans make sure they can catch you and know your coming to see them soon?

Yes it is going great! Im practically booked till the end of the year.. With 2 small USA tours, a great OZ tour with exciting venues in Melbourne and Sydney. Some great festivals in Europe, with Global Gathering, Sunrise in Poland and in between also various international club bookings in The UK, Canada, Asia. So there is a big chance that you will run in to me the next few months.


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